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LS Group is dedicated to internal and external customers as well as present and future ones.

LS Group is aimed at becoming the absolute leader, which is always selected by customers.

LS Group thinks creatively, in order to satisfy needs of customers and address their requirements.

LS Group maintains trusted and respectful relations with its partners for achieving our shared goals.

: Grasping the needs of the market and customers and creating strategies to meet them.
: Implementing the needs of the market in the form of products or services and optimizing process   efficiency.
: Discovering and implementing the most efficient solutions.
: The Company and employees fulfill their social responsibilities and obligations.
- Follow the corporate core values and rules.
- Conform to the job standard.
- Earnestly play the role expected by the company.
: Actively and transparently adapt to changes in environment along with the customer.
- Have interest and passion for everything.
- Share information, technologies, and know-how.
- Adapt to the customers' demands and changes in the markets.
: Work on rapid growth that can overcome dangers rather than stable growth.
- Make plans to overcome danger and to achieve goals.
- Set goals with logical grounding and share them.
- Compare and analyze gains and losses of challenges.
: Analyze problems and continue to implement minor improvements.
- Start everything with the question 'why?'
- Make realistic plans to improve performance.
- Acquire knowledge in relevant fields and become the best expert.
: Set and share definite goals and rewards and take responsibility for results.
- Set object success criteria for any and all activities before implementation.
- Set and share definite evaluation criteria.
- Take responsibility for measured performance.